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Welcome Aboard Your Hazleton Public Transit Bus!

How To Catch Your Bus

There are two ways to plan where you will begin your HPT bus ride. First, you can plan to board your bus at the new Church Street Station located at 126 West Mine Street, Suite A, at any HPT bus stop sign or at a safe location along any HPT route of travel. Second, you can board an HPT bus anywhere along the route of travel. Hazleton Public Transit operates a “flag stop” system whereby riders can signal for an HPT vehicle to stop anywhere along its designated travel route. We encourage our customers to stand in a safe location where the vehicle operator (and other motorists) will be able to see you clearly.

If you are new to HPT or riding a route for the first time, please feel free to ask your bus driver if you are boarding the right bus. If you need to wait for the next bus, the driver can tell you when it will arrive. When your bus arrives, please walk up the steps through the open front door to begin your HPT trip.

How To Pay For Your Ride

If you are riding for the first time, you will probably be paying for your trip with cash. HPT vehicle operators do not make change, so please be sure to have your one dollar and 50 cents to get on the bus. Please do not forget that you will need that much to get back too! At the front of each bus is a fare box (payment for a bus ride is called a "fare").  When you get on the bus, please deposit your fare into the slot at the top of the fare box.

If you plan to ride HPT frequently (and we hope that you do), please check the fares section of this schedule for details about how to save money by purchasing multi-ride tickets. If you have any questions about our multi-ride tickets please call us at 570-459-5414 or ask your HPT driver.

How To Get Off The Bus

Above the windows next to the seats in most HPT buses, you will see a cord hanging against the wall. This cord, when pulled on, alerts the driver that you want to get off at the next stop or intersection. If you are unsure exactly where you want the vehicle to stop, please tell the driver when you get on, where you are going, and ask him to tell you when the bus arrives. HPT drivers know our communities well and they will make sure you do not “overshoot” your destination.

How To Use More Than One Bus Route To Make One Trip

We call this "making a transfer." Most transfers take place at the Laurel Mall or at our new Church Street Station located at 126 West Mine Street, Suite A. When you get on the bus the first time, tell the driver that you will be transferring to another route and ask for a transfer. You would say, for example, "I will be transferring to the Route 40 Freeland bus." The driver will give you a transfer slip. They cost fifty cents. The slip will be marked with the route you got on and will be cut at a time. This means that you will have that amount of time, usually an hour, to get on your next bus. When you get on the next bus, give your transfer slip to the driver.

Rider Rules and Information

Please click here to read our complete Rider Code of Conduct.

Animals – Only trained guide and service animals assisting persons with disabilities are permitted on Hazleton Public Transit vehicles. Click here to read the complete Using HPT with a Service Animal policy.

Drinking/Eating – Please refrain from consuming food and beverages of any kind while on board HPT vehicles. Closed beverage and food containers are permitted on board but may not be consumed while on the vehicle. Thank you for helping to keep our HPT buses clean for everyone!    

Headphones – Passengers must use headphones when listening to portable electronic devices. Please keep the volume at a reasonable level to avoid disturbing your fellow riders. 

Priority Seating – Please allow our senior riders and riders with disabilities to use the front rows of seating.

Smoking/Vaping – Smoking and vaping is not permitted on board HPT vehicles or inside HPT facilities.

HPT Vehicle Accessibility Features

Hazleton Public Transit buses are ramp or lift-equipped to make them accessible to people who use a wheelchair, walker, cane, or other mobility aid. Some of our vehicles also "kneel" to make that first step a little easier.